About Me.

My name is Chris i am 23 years old and engaged to the wonderful Elle  and have been with her a over year.
I currently live in Germany in Graben-Neudorf near Karlsruhe and will soon be moving to England.
I enjoy playing the ps3 and xbox 360, mostly i love Jrpg's, Action-Rpg's but i normally also play every big game that is coming out . I love the studios of quantic dreams , naughty dog , Team ico , fromsoft , plainums games. I love Dr pepper, but it's hard to get hold of where i live which is unfortunate, I hope you enjoy my blog!

If you want to add me on xbox or Ps3 here is my gamertag and psn:
Psn: gleacrawler 
Xbox Gamertag: XGleacrawlerX

Raptr Gamercard

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